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From the pages of Idaho Fish & Game

2011-2012 Idaho Wolf  Hunting Season:

  • Standard hunting season dates statewide: Aug 30 - Mar 31.
  • Hunters may buy 2 wolf tags per calendar year.
    Bag limit: No person may take more than one wolf per legal tag in his or her  possession.
  • Idaho Wolf seasons are Any-Weapon seasons.
  • Electronic calls may be used statewide.
  • Idaho Wolves may be taken incidentally during fall bear baiting.
  • Reduced-price nonresident wolf tags ($31.75) statewide.
  • The Idaho wolf hunting season closes when the harvest limit for that zone is reached or  the season closing date, whichever comes first.

2011-2012 Idaho Wolf  Trapping Season:

  • Idaho Trapping season dates: November 15 - March 31.
  • Trappers may buy up to 3 tags with trapping license for use in those zones  with an open trapping season in addition to 2 tags purchased for  hunting;
    un-used tags from hunting season (up to 2) may also be used to tag  trapped wolves.
  • Bag limit: No person may take more than one wolf per legal tag in his or her  possession.
  • Methods of take: Both snares and foothold traps w/ jaw spread not to exceed  9 inches are legal during wolf trapping season.
  • Tags purchased for trapping may be used to take wolves through hunting where  and when the wolf trapping season is open.
  • Baiting regulations for trapping wolves are consistent with regulations for  furbearers.
  • Mandatory trapping education class required before purchasing tags for wolf  trapping.
  • 72 hour trap check requirement, same as for furbearer trapping.
  • Reduced price nonresident wolf tags ($31.75) statewide.

On April 15, 2011, Congress passed the federal budget, which included a rider sponsored by Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) and Sen. Mike Simpson (R-Idaho) requiring the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to republish the 2009 delisting rule within 60 days and remove wolves in Montana, Idaho, eastern Washington, eastern Oregon, and north-central Utah from the endangered species list and turn wolf management over to the states. Wolves would continue to be managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Wyoming until the state has a USFWS-approved regulatory framework for wolf management.

Wolves were removed from the endangered species list on May 5, 2011. Idaho Fish and Game has taken over management under the 2002 wolf management plan. Idaho Wolves will be managed as big game animals, similar to black bears and mountain lions. Hunting seasons will be set by the Idaho Fish and Game.